Tom RidgewellEdit

Thomas "TomSka" Ridgewell (Born June 27, 1990), is a British flash animator and voice actor. He is best known for his asdfmovie series and his live-action shorts on his YouTube account, TomSka. He also has a personal Video Blogging "Vlogging" channel on YouTube, DarkSquidge.


He and Edd met on the StickSuicide forums (now, and became friends quickly. He and Tord did not go along very well, as it says in Ruined: "OH YEAH! IN YOUR FACE, TORD! IN YOUR FACE!" He also wore a shirt in the TomSka video "Ritalin'D" saying "I NEVER LIKED TORD ANYWAY".

asdfmovie seriesEdit

The asdfmovie series has been a hit on YouTube for 4 years now. The first was asdfmovie, the most popular was asdfmovie 2, and the newest was asdfmovie 5.