Russian RouletteEdit

Russian Roulette is the first comic in the Fan Eddcomics by J and R.


Edd, Tom, Matt, a 2 stickmen, The Waiter, and a three-headed snake from Ninjago play Russian Roulette.


Person: Who wants to play Russian Roulette?

Tom: How do you play it?

Person: It's easy! Spin the gun around, point it at your forehead, and pray that you're lucky.

Stickman: Let me try!



(The stickman is dead)

Edd: OH MY GOD, that's just nasty.

The Waiter: My turn!


(Waiter's skin gets burned off)

Matt: (High pitched lady scream) HE'S... GAAAAAAAH!

Waiter: What, is there something wrong with me?

Edd: My Turn!


(Bullet goes up in the air)

Edd: That was-

(Bullet goes lands on Edd's head)

Edd: Lucky

Edd: (Dizzy) LeeeeEEEEEtttssss gggggOoooooo hhhooommmmmmmEEEEE.

Snake: Count me in!


(One of the snake's heads turn to dust)


(the snake chomps himself, giving back his three heads)

Snake: Oh good.

The End