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Pit is one of the main characters in the Fan Eddcomics.


He is close friends with Edd, and he sometimes can be tricked by some of the characters, but he's smarter than Matt by a lot.

Differences from the video gameEdit

Pit is half human half angel in the comics, but in the video game, he is all angel.

Pit's wings are retractible (he does it when he's not fighting evil and he does it by moving his shoulder blades in), but in the video game, his wings are not.

Apperance(s) in The Fan EddcomicsEdit


He has the same hairstyle from the games in the comics and has that thing on his head and wears a toga.

Wingless PitEdit

Pit without his wings. In the comic Siri Tried to KILL ME! (based on a smosh video), Pit wore an Eddsworld t-shirt. He was also the main antagonist in Fan EddComics: Zombeh Attack.