Edd GouldEdit

Edward Duncan "Edd" Ernest Gould (28 October 1988- 25 March 2012) was a british voice actor and flash animator. He is best known for creating Eddsworld and animating the series. He also voiced Edd in the series. He died of Blood cancer on March 25, 2012.

Early lifeEdit

In secondary school, Edd had a habit of drawing comics based on his playground friends called Edd's World, inspired by Wayne's World.


Edd met Tom Ridgewell on the StickSuicide forums (Now, he met Matt Hargreaves at a sports tournament, and met Tord Larrson on Newgrounds. Tord left in 2008, but the series would go on. In 2011, Edd told Youtubers he had Leukemia.


Edd died on March 25, 2012, due to blood cancer. Tom And Matt said the series would go on, even without Edd.