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Not to be confused with Edd Gould.

Edd is the main character of Eddsworld and the Fan EddComics. His first appearance was in I hate wings, I like trains, and his latest was in The Comic.


He loves coke, and he also is optimistic, which could be attributed to his leadership.

Voice actor in EddsworldEdit

Edd Gould voiced Edd from 2004 to his death in 2012, and after his death, Tim Haukiet (better known as TimH) took over Edd's voice acting. Also, since Eddsworld was animated by Edd Gould, Paul Ter Voorde took over the animation after Edd's death.

Apperance in the Fan EddcomicsEdit

Edd in the Fan EddComics has a appearance different from Eddsworld. His eyes are horizontal slits (To show he has eyes,J got the style from Puffballs United), brown hair (since J draws the comics in B&W, he colors in his hair with a pencil), a rectangle for his body, arms, and legs, and a stretched out semicircle for his hood on his hoodie.